Week 3 : winter miles

This week is another increase in mileage….up to 3 miles a day..killing it! It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was running 80-100 miles a week, but this is now and today is today…so 3 miles it is!
I’ve actually signed up for 3 5k’s, 1 10k, and entered the NYC Marathon Lottery(mostly cause I have for the 3 previous and haven’t gotten in). This should given me sufficient motivation to train, and also provide me with benchmarks for gains.
Couple of things that I know I need to get better at: Stretching/rolling out, and icing. Body has some aches and pains, and for continued success I need to do everything preventive that I can. NO EXCUSES.
3 snowy miles tonight…..wish me luck.

1/8/18- one week is done

Of course I chose to start my base building training schedule in what has been the coldest stretch of weather I’ve ever dealt with in VA….. That being said, it was a huge success. I didn’t miss a day of running, I cut down on snacking, and have been really really trying to control my portions at meals. This week is really important and I need to find time to get my runs in. Today I need to run 2 miles, take my brothers dog for a walk(we are dog sitting), and continue the process of removing the tiles from our shower floor(I think i’ll have about 20 minutes of working time before my daughter goes to sleep). Ok…..so here goes week 2!


January 1st….. 1.1 mile done……I am literally starting from the beginning. 2017 was filled with injuries and excuses. 2018 I am backing it back down, starting over with the mileage and building myself back up from scratch. My main goal right now is to get my 5k back under 20 before my 40th birthday in August, but I will monitor my progress and body condition as I go along.
I am attaching my 1st quarter running schedule….a 4 on, one off, three on, and one off schedule. I’ve used this successfully in the past, and I think it will work well with the lower mileage at the beginning. Next year, at this time, hopefully I will be down in Charleston, SC running the half.

2018 Jan – March running schedule